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News sites always win big, do you wonder why?

While it was thought that many Google updates should tear down news sites, the opposite happened. You ask why?

In Medium articles and Twitter, there are bad comments about news sites. They are quite right. However, there is an important point to be aware of. They do this job.

There are some news sites with finger-pointing. You already know these.

When you open it and examine it, you will see a few common points in all of them. They use their years of experience to attract the visitor to the relevant news and keep it for a long time. Remarkable…

Cache plugins are useful for people who want to speed up their websites.

People who own a WordPress website pay attention to the fast loading of their web pages. Cache plugins, one of the functional plugins of WordPress, are used by users to accelerate all the operations of websites. It is possible to compress various files while accelerating with these plugins.

The speed of websites is very important for Google. Because of the opening speed of the website is low, visitor stops entering the website and turns to other sites.

This time should be 2 seconds, according to popular researches. In other words, if the website won’t open in 2–3 seconds the Google…

Image optimization is required not only for WordPress sites, it’s for all websites and blogs.

If you do not properly optimize an image you upload to your website, your site speed will also drop significantly, causing Google and other search engines to break your SEO score and fall back in searches. If you get the majority of your visitors from search engines, this will be a serious problem for you.

Today, I will tell you what you need to pay attention to when adding images to your WordPress sites, and how to make the necessary visual optimizations. …

A toilet-trained puppy won’t cause you any problems

How Should Puppy Toilet Training Be Started?

Toilet training for dogs is training that starts from the moment they come home and is not known how long it will be achieved. It takes a lot of time and patience. If you’re good at this, you’re in luck! How to get rid of these problems in 7 steps, here are my solutions!

1. Create a Specific Zone for His Toilet!

Believe it or not. Even if you choose a certain area in the bathroom for your dog, even if you delegate all parts of the bathroom to him, he will still use the toilet in the area he chooses.

Therefore, you should choose a place suitable…

Do you want to generate income by writing a blog or promoting products?

I don’t like to sell hope to people. That’s why I hope to benefit more people by sharing what I know with everyone.

If you want to work and earn income online, you can take advantage of my free articles. Today I will talk about how you can generate income from your blog and the websites that offer the best affiliate program.

It is possible to earn a very good income by writing a blog or promoting products. …

Those who want to prepare healthy meals for their dogs, please come here :)

In an article I prepared about myself before, I mentioned that I have cats and dogs. You can access this article from the link below (if you want to know who I am and what I do).

Hello everyone, I don’t want to upset my followers by posting boring web design and software topics. Probably most of my followers have followed so as not to offend me and because I follow them. That’s why I want to occasionally publish articles that will appeal to everyone. I didn’t join the Medium platform to earn any income. …

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world.

If you are a business owner who is new to the e-commerce sector, WooCommerce will be the most suitable e-commerce platform for you with its low cost, user-friendly interface, thousands of template support, and full compatibility with payment infrastructures.

The answer to why users love the WooCommerce platform so much is actually very simple. Compared to the complex e-commerce platforms, the management panel of this system offers very simple use. …

Which one makes you happier? Violence videos to animals or cute cat videos?

I’m really sorry for the subtitle, but I needed to highlight something.

I said in an article I wrote that I personally do not use social media very much. There are some reasons for this, but one of the most important reasons is that photographing my every moment and posting it on social media is not for me. It wasn’t hard for me to quit using social media because I personally hardly ever use it anyway (as someone who opened my first profile in 2008, I say this).

Anyway, I want to talk about some special and sad situations that…

Securing your WordPress site will make you feel better.

When it comes to WordPress security, we immediately think of whether the WordPress infrastructure is safe or not. According to statistics, WordPress is one of the most attacked infrastructures in 2020. That’s why you should strengthen your site with WordPress security plugins.

In this article, I will try to explain how you can secure your WordPress site based on all my experience and experience so far.

If you have a website built with WordPress content management, this article will be of interest to you. …

Today, more than 20.000.000 websites are using WordPress as a CMS (content management system)

Are you one of those who say that I am waiting for the right time to open a blog with WordPress and share my own articles? Or do you think that opening a blog is a very difficult thing, I cannot do it alone, I need to find a web designer? You are absolutely wrong!

Today is the right day to open your dream website. As someone who had dozens of websites and blogs, I can totally say that you can create your own website in a very simple way without any difficulty. …

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